Winter Park Monthly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends
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Meeting for Worship
Sundays 10:00 a.m.

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    Peggy and Philip B. Crosby’s Wellness Center
    2005 Mizell Ave.
Winter Park, FL
(407) 943-2257
The Quaker discovery and message has always been that God still lives and moves and guides, in vivid immediacy, within the hearts of all people.”

—Thomas Kelly:
The Eternal Promise

"Presence in the Midst" by J. Doyle Penrose
Used with permission from the Library
of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain.
Worship begins when we are seated and quiet. No clergyman or minister presides and there is no set form or program.
The Meeting for Worship is based on silence broken only by brief messages from those who feel moved to share with the meeting the inspiration and knowledge of the will of God that rises out of meditation and prayer. In the practice of silent waiting we find our spirits come more easily into fellowship with the Divine Spirit. As we wait in silence we become conscious also of fellowship with other worshipers. Every individual participation enriches the fellowship whether the person is silent or speaks.

The Meeting for Worship in its highest sense represents the culmination of a week's private prayer and daily living.
So in a way, it is the summation of one week and the preparation for the week to come.
The meeting closes with the shaking or holding of hands.

Who are we? We're members, seekers and attenders in the Religious Society of Friends. We are also known as Quakers.

If you have questions about Quakerism or perhaps just someone to ask for help
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